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Associate Prof. Ning An published article entitled “Zimbabwe's dynamic geographical imaginations of China's national image”  on Acta Geographica Sinica





The world is currently undergoing profound changes unseen in a century, and how China builds its national image has become a complex and comprehensive issue needs to be urgently addressed. The study uses critical geopolitics theory as theoretical tool and employs a field survey in Zimbabwe as an empirical evidence to investigate Zimbabwe's geographical imaginations of China's national image and its related mechanism. The study found that the current Zimbabwe's geographical imaginations of China's national image is no longer dominated by the historical narrative based on its colonial history and the war of independence led by its national propaganda. In contrast, in the context of its fast-track land reform policy, China’s “going out” strategic transformation and its increasingly close ties with the African continent, as well as the continuous global geopolitical turbulence represented by Trumpism, Zimbabwe's internal and external social relations has begun to undergo drastic changes. The relationships between various subjects (including states, governments, political parties, associations, enterprises and individuals) have also become  extremely complicated and Zimbabwe’s perception of China’s national image has therefore no longer been influenced only by historical events. More specifically, China's national image is also influenced by Chinese enterprises, migrants, and their social practice in Zimbabwe. Moreover, these social practices have interacted and negotiated with the changes in Zimbabwe’s internal and external social relations, thereby affecting the continuous deconstruction and reconstruction of China’s national image in Zimbabwe. This study extends the understanding of discourse in critical geopolitics theory and strengthens the ability to solve problems. Practically, this study discusses the internal logic of other countries’ building of China’s national image, which has a certain reference value for the narrative of how to build China’s national image in the context of global transformation.

This study is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.42171226) and the Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences Research from the Ministry of Education of China (No.21YJCGJW001).



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